Winter Retreat – Shamanic Journey – Return to Source

Yin and Yang flowing into each other

Retreat with Åsa Kullberg and team

December 30, 2021 – January 4, 2022

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Last day for registration: December 20


Come into the pure pleasure of Being, enjoy the beauty of nature and come home to yourself.

Open to the free flowing love of the feminine and masculine inside.

Nourish and cultivate your life force energy.

To go into retreat is a beautiful way to honor the winter season, to take time out, relax and rest. To catch up with our inner world, meeting and feeling that which has been put on hold.

To look into the inner mirror and meet our Self. To return to connection with the Source inside, with our inner Being.

Giving the nervous system a fair chance to recalibrate, unwind and release. To reboot and charge the batteries.

Dreaming with the Earth, The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

We live within the Qi field of the Earth, and aligning our own energy body with hers, resets our nervous system into relaxation and balance. It is magickal to journey into the Heart Womb of Grandmother Earth, and become aware of the multiple layers of experiences inside ourselves as we do do so. It is natural to live and dream on the inside during winter, that is what Nature is doing and how Life is rejuvenating itself.

It is also very healing for us to slow down and become available for transformation of outdated, repetitive habits, patterns, reactions and choices.

Contemplation and Inquiry

To meet oneself in the mirror is a rewarding process. Expressions and experiences that are waiting to come free will invite for reunion. This welcoming of our experience into our feelings, into the Heart, into Source truly is liberating. Moments of Truth are moments of power, windows into the Great Mystery. This Journey allows us to awaken conscious awareness on a deeper level. Awake presence inside the Earth also opens to the Soul. Our being takes over – comes present into our perception. Now we can receive the blessing of the Light within through and into all dimensions.

Delicious and Sweet – Deep and Soft Power

This will bring change and transformation into our life, to that which is up for change. Fantastic! How lucky we are if we change with the flow, and even the things we resist to change are given new life.

When energy is free to reconnect back to Source, it feels like coming home.

That Source is within all our experiences – as direct experience.

To journey within surely brings rebirth and vitality, as well as it is pure pleasure on all levels.

The Inner Alchemy of the TAO

When QI is breaking out of stagnation and holding patterns, it starts flowing and brings vitality to the organ Spirits. Inner Alchemy supports the freedom, power and beauty of the feminine and the masculine, of Yin and Yang to have full expression. To dance, heal and become free inside each other. To become each other.

Wu Ji Gong

Awaken Self-Love

Pure love from the Source, flowing through the core channels, is the Yuan Qi flowing as the trinity of Life, known as primordial Qi, pure Love and Essence.

This Qi is blessing the meridians and our organs with healing and rejuvenation.

This simple to learn, yet profound form, also called Primordial Qi Gong, and Tai Chi of Enlightenment, is a dance to the 4 directions.

We will learn and practice this ceremony and you will be able to continue the practice at home if you choose.

Going inside ourselves together

To create magick and journey together is a gift we give to each other and receive back multi fold.

This is going off-line for sacred ceremony.

  • Contemplation & Inquiry
  • Yoga
  • Wu Ji Gong
  • Ceremony
  • Nature walks
  • Inner Alchemy

Please sign up here.


Booking fee: 2 500 SEK. Once this has been paid your spot is guaranteed.

Course fee: 4.400 SEK.

Room & board, shared room: 4.000 SEK.

A total cost of 8.400 SEK.

Early bird: 7.900 if registration and full payment is made before December 15.